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Trump Seeks Black Voters’ Support After Unrest in Milwaukee

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump repeatedly appealed for black voters’ support Tuesday night by saying he’d get tough on crime in cities.

Trump, speaking from a teleprompter in West Bend, Wisconsin, said Democrats’ policies have failed blacks by worsening crime and poverty. Trump delivered his comments about 40 miles from Milwaukee, the scene of unrest after police shot a black suspect on Saturday.

“The violence, riots and destruction that have taken place in Milwaukee is an assault on the right of all citizens to live in security and to live in peace,” Trump told a mostly white audience. “The main victims of these riots are law-abiding African-American citizens living in these neighborhoods.”

Trump is struggling to attract support from black voters. A Fox News poll from July 31 to Aug. 2 had him garnering only 1 percent of the black vote, compared with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s 85 percent and libertarian candidate Gary Johnson’s 7 percent. Clinton is also beating Trump nationally in recent polls.

Low-income communities need more police, Trump said.

“The Democratic party has failed and betrayed the African-American community,” Trump said. “Democratic crime policies, education policies and economic policies have produced only more crime, more broken homes and more poverty.”

Trump said his rival Clinton is “against the police” and accused her and Democrats of “peddling the narrative of cops as a racist force in our society.”

He also said Clinton is “proposing to print millions of instant-work permits” for immigrants that would take jobs from “low-income African-Americans.” “It’s not right,” he said.

Milwaukee law enforcement officials are enforcing a curfew for teenagers after several nights of unrest. Protests have rocked the city since Saturday when Sylville Smith, 23, was killed during a police pursuit in which the 23-year-old ran from authorities while wielding a gun.


Source: bloomberg.com

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