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Black Lives Matter Chapter Criticizes ‘Black On Black’ Crime

A Black Lives Matter chapter in Savannah, Ga., is going after black on black crime.

Members of the group said at their Sunday meeting that Black Lives Matter has been criticized for not paying attention to black on black crime, reports WJCL.

Jomo Johnson, a founding member of the chapter, spoke to the approximately 30 gathered for the organization’s first church service. “Lots of protests happen when a white police officer shoots a black person, but when a black person is killed by another black person, not much is said. Why do we say nothing?” Johnson said.

Pastor Will Thomas of Greater Gaines Chapel gave a small introduction before Johnson gave the sermon. Johnson said that because everyone was created in God’s image, all lives matter.

“We, as African Americans have to be able to look at each other and recognize that our lives do matter, because we were created in the image of holy God,” Johnson said.

Johnson also called on local pastors to lead a “surge movement,” which would have those involved, “temporarily or permanently leaving their comfortable homes and moving to the communities with the greatest suffering and poverty.”

Johnson stated that Black Lives Matter Savannah would be among the first to lead that movement.

“Free yourselves from the slavery of comfort. Practice what you preach. The solution for black-on-black crime does not come from the government, it does not come from a president. The solution for black-on-black crime comes from you,” Johnson said.

Source: dailycaller.com

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