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Boxing champ Anthony Joshua: Black Lives Matter activists should do more than just tweet

Heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua has criticised the Black Lives Matter movement, urging members to take practical measures to help minorities rather than tweeting and protesting. 

The 26-year-old said activists should spend more time finding practical ways to help young people and support black-owned schools and businesses.

Joshua spoke at an event to launch Lucozade Sport’s Made to Move  campaign as he led 300 fans on a run around Hampstead Heath.

The Olympic gold medallist told the Standard: “Black Lives Matter seems to be a whole thing where people are chanting and protesting and I’m not really into that. Just tweeting or instagramming about cop killings… that’s not the angle I would take.

“If everyone on one of those marches donated £100 you could invest in black-owned schools and black-owned banks and do stuff for the poor.

“There’s a lot of black spokespeople, but they’re singing from different hymnsheets. It’s time for the leaders to come together and work out a strategy.”

Earlier this month, nine protesters from Black Lives Matter chained themselves to the runway at London City Airport in a protest against “racist climate change” and disrupted flights for more than six hours. They got a conditional discharge in court.

The Watford-born fighter, undefeated after 17 professional fights, singled out the late Muhammad Ali as an “icon” but said boxing’s influence on politics had “died along with him”.

He added: “Ali  was part of a civil rights movement and rallied thousands against the Vietnam War. There was so much more to him than a man with boxing gloves on.”

But while he admires Ali, he said he was not in a position to carry the civil rights torch himself: “I’m a fighter so I don’t have time to indulge in politics.”

Joshua has his 18th title defence in Manchester on November 26.

Made to Move aims to get a million people active by 2020.

Source: standard.co.uk

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