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Black Lives Matter rally: a unified message in Seattle

Several hundred people marched peacefully through downtown Seattle on Saturday night in a Black Lives Matter demonstration calling attention to blacks killed by police.

Several hundred people peacefully marched through downtown Seattle in a Black Lives Matter demonstration Saturday night.

“Hands up! Don’t shoot!” the crowd shouted, marching south down Second Avenue after a rally at Westlake Center.

A heavy police presence on foot and bicycle and by car and armored vehicle was on hand but at a distance, keeping largely to blocks close by.

Marchers said they gathered to show concern for lives lost to police shootings.

“We are standing, we are peaceful, we want to be heard, said Jennifer Ferguson of Tacoma. “We need to make a change. I am tired of black men and women being killed legally. I say legally because police get away with it.”

“This is a huge issue, too many people are dying,” said Denise Bischofberger, a nurse at Group Health who is also on the board at Service Employees International No. 1199NW, the statewide nurses and health-care workers union, which turned out in force for the event. “This isn’t a black or white matter. It’s a social-justice issue.”

Demonstrators marched down Second Avenue to Safeco Field. Later, they walked back toward downtown.

Source: seattletimes.com

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