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‘Black Lives Matter’ Protests Outside Of Sacramento County Sheriff’s HQ

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Homemade signs all with different messages were held high by the Sacramento Black Lives Matter chapter on Thursday.

“We are talking about something extreme as taking the life of another human being,” said protester Tanya Faison.

Fasion, along with other members of the Sacramento chapter, were showing solidarity for the family of Adrienne Ludd, who was shot and killed last year.

“This family needs closure,” Faison said.

This united front fronted their message in front of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department in response to the district attorney exonerating three sheriff’s deputies in the fatal shooting of Ludd last October. The deputies shot Ludd 13 times after he pointed an assault weapon at officers, according to the DA.

“For some reason our elected and appointed civil servant cannot provide Adrienne’s family all of the information that surrounds this horrific incident,” Faison said.

An incident that has members protesting current Sheriff Scott Jones and his run for congress.

“Scott Jones is a liability,” said protester Diana Anderson.

Anderson, also surrounded by support from the chapter, is searching for answers and truth from the sheriff’s department.

“Still refuses to give the family of Adrienne Ludd an autopsy report, a police report, or dash cams,” Anderson said. “We do not want Jones in office, nor do we want his unethical standards in our education system.”

The group says they will be in front of the sheriff’s department throughout the day.

The sheriff’s department is not commenting on the protest.

Source: sacramento.cbslocal.com

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