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Fla. Man Charged After Shouting Racial Slurs, Threatening Motorists with Wrench

Travis Thompson, 18, was arrested Monday after video showed him threatening motorists with a large socket wrench.

18-year-old Florida man has been arrested and charged with a felony after video showed him threatening a motorist and shouting racial slurs.

Travis Thompson was arrested Monday and charged with improper exhibition of a firearm or dangerous weapon, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Police began investigating the incident, which was recorded and posted to Facebook Nov. 11. The video reportedly shows Thompson exiting his girlfriend’s truck, which is plastered with confederate flags and Trump bumper stickers, and threatening motorists with a large socket wrench. Another video shows Thompson threatening people with a baseball bat.

In both instances, Thompson allegedly shouted racial slurs. No one was injured in the encounter.

Source: theroot

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