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Man Beaten by Police During Stop-and-Frisk Won $614,500 Settlement

4 years ago, then-19-year-old Jateik Reed was illegally stopped and frisked by officers in the 42nd precinct. Cellphone and surveillance video from the encounter showed officers throwing reed to the ground and repeatedly striking him with batons; some officers kicked him.

One of the cops also appears to threaten the person taping the arrest with pepper spray.


Reed was arrested and accused of possessing drugs, assault and other offenses, but all charges against him were dismissed.

In response, he sued the NYC city claiming that he and his family have been mishandled and abused at the precinct, and finally the city agreed to pay the settlement in amount of $614,500. Sgt. Alfonsina Delacruz, one of the officers accused of beating Reed after he was cuffed, was ordered to contribute $5,000.

Source: blacktolive

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