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He Visited His Son In Prison And Was Mistakenly Jailed For 32 Hours

Farad Polk was visiting his son when he was directed to “go down the hallway and turn to the right,” where he passed through an open door that closed behind him. It was weekend and no one heard him screaming behind the locked doors. He spent in a 8-foot-by-8-foot jail cell with no food, water or toilet 32 hours and was let out only after he broke a sprinkler head. He sued for emotional trauma.

To add insult to injury, it was the Chicago Fire Department that responded to the flood caused by the sprinkler which came to free him. During that time in the cell he was not able to capture the attention of any of the prison staff. “I see the camera up there, so I figure I get into a little trouble, I start waving my hand, kicking on the door, making noise,” Polk said.

Fast forward two years, Farad was recently awarded a $600,000 settlement from the Cook County’s Sheriff Department. It was definitely a stressful and traumatizing situation that he never should’ve been placed in. Thankfully, he was fine, but it’s crazy to think that a man going into visit a prisoner would end up being a prisoner himself, with no care whatsoever.

The prison has since updated its visitors rules.

Source: blacktolive

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