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Education on Black Lives Matter for School Students

For the whole week starting with January 23, teachers from Philadelphia are going to wear Black Lives Matter t-shirts and buttons and provide lessons on the movement every day of this week.

A part of the Teachers’ Union has already developed a lessons plan and curriculum ideas for teachers of grades from kindergarten through high school for the week of Jan. 23. The plans, distilled from the movement’s 13 guiding principles, such as embracing diversity and globalism, will be available online , organizers said Friday.

“The vast majority of students that we serve are black, and it’s important to affirm the lives of our students,” said co-organizer Charlie McGeehan, who is white and teaches high school humanities at The U School, where students work on solving real-world problems.

More and more teachers join the program every day. There are already about 500 participants.

Talk of developing the curriculum got started in October, after a school district in Seattle had a “Black Lives Matter at School” day, McGeehan said. That’s what inspired them.

A spokesman for the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, the main teachers union, said it couldn’t comment on the plans because it wasn’t a union-sponsored activity.

For McGeehan, he plans to incorporate the materials during his 40-minute advisory period, and can see ways it could come up in English and social studies classes.

“We want to show the complexity and diversity of the Black Lives Matter movement,” he said.

That’s brilliant idea, each school has to have such a week!

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