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O-Slice: The government should hold officers accountable for shooting unarmed people

Far From Over features O-Slice in her acting and directing debut. With three new songs and powerful cinematography this film adds to the arsenal of online materials that fuels the movement #BlackLivesMatter. Far From Over was made to give voice to the life, death, and aftermath of everybody who has been and continues to be effected by police brutality in the United States. Always aware of what we are fighting against in this country, the debut film is a powerful reminder that this plight and this movement are bigger than any one of us. Far From Over is a reminder that we must stay active, we must continue to rally, to fight, and to make sure our lives, voices and stories are not only heard, but acknowledged.
With help from her family, church members, friends, and peers at The University of Maryland, College Park, O-Slice continues to make art with a purpose. With social justice as the driving force behind this project Far From Over is a warning to all those who do not believe in the power of love, community, and resilience. The fight for justice is Far From Over.


This short movie prompted us to do an interview with O-slice via email which you can read it below.

BLMNews: Briefly introduce yourself. What you’ve done in the music so far?

O-Slice:  I’m O-Slice. I’m an artist from PG County, MD. I rap, paint, and this year I starred in my first short film, “Far From Over” which I also directed. So far with music, I’ve released songs and I perform all over the east coast. I’ve opened up for Casey Veggies, Wale, & Big Sean.

BLMNews: In your latest song, Far From Over, you’ve been very frank about the fading of American dream. Is this one of the messages you’re trying to spread out? American dream is dead?

O-slice: “Dream” isn’t necessarily about the American Dream being dead, it’s more about the fact that it was never the same for everyone. Everyone wants it but most people realize very early on that it’s not as attainable as advertised.

BLMNews: You’re seriously criticism American police system. In your opinion, how many of these black people who killed by police is because of racism? Do you believe in the idea of existence of systematic problem in US about these kind of actions?

O-Slice:  I don’t have enough stats to answer that efficiently but what I can say is that minorities are targeted at a higher rate by officers. There is a race issue in the U.S. that is really at its highest tensions since the civil rights movement.

BLMNews: What about US Government? Do you think they can do more about these killing and shooting people?

O-Slice:  The government should hold officers accountable for shooting unarmed people.

BLMNews: Tell us more about your plan for future. Do you want to continue to write songs like Far From Over? Do you think you can reach more audience in this type of music?

O-Slice: Actually, all of my music doesn’t sound like the stuff heard on “Far From Over”. I have music that sounds completely different with more lighthearted and fun messages. Socially conscious music reaches a specific crowd but I don’t just make music to inform, I also make it for fun, to relax, to vent, whatever I need at the moment. If more music like “Far from over” is needed than it’s possible for it to come but for now, I’ve already done it.

BLMNews: And what about your friends and your band? Are you all look for a common goal in music?

O-Slice: My band is super dope. We’re called “O-Slice & TheFam”. They’re with me for real. We plan on doing something really great. I have some close music friends who also pursue their talents so yea, we have a common goal to be great.

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  • February 1, 2017 at 8:54 am

    it’s nice interview.


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