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This Teacher Remixes Rap Songs Like ‘Bad And Boujee’ To Teach History Lessons

“The troops are mad and losing…Soldiers are ready and ruthless.”


“You know, it’s your boy, honest Abe. Making this song to shut down the lames.”

This is how middle school history teacher David Yancey began a lesson on the Civil War at Edwards Middle School in Conyers, Georgia.

Yancey’s remake of Migos’ banger “Bad and Bougee” went viral on Sunday after a high school friend of his tweeted the historical spin on the song, titled “Mad and Losing.”

“The troops are mad and losing. Slowing them down is a doozy. Soldiers are ready and ruthless. With rifles and ironclads, too,” Yancey raps.

While the educator, who’s been using popular songs to create a unique curriculum for three years ― admitted to a lack of vocal talent in an interview with WSB-TV Atlanta ― that hasn’t hindered him in the least bit.

Yancey, who was awarded the school’s 2016 Teacher of the Year title, has also remixed Young MA’s “Ooouu,” Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and even Adele’s “Hello” to educate his students om everything from telegrams to Cherokee tribes.

“It’s not just random things that are being thrown together,” Yancey told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “I’m very intentional … on what content I’m delivering. I’ll do the lesson and I’ll pull it all together in a song.”

But Yancey doesn’t just rely on the power of music to get the lesson across. The songs serve to emphasize lessons he’s just taught.

“I’m not Migos. I’m not Adele,” Yancey said to WBS. “I am an eighth-grade social studies teacher who is trying to reach them.”

Source: huffingtonpost

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