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A Black Cop Helped People Instead Of Shooting Them

Officer Che Milton caught a 12-year old girl shoplifting. Instead of shooting her, he decided to find out, why the girl had done it?

The girl said that she had 4 siblings, and she wanted to do something nice for one of her younger sisters who could not afford a pair of shoes. In desperation, she tried to steal a $2 pair from a Family Dollar store for her 5-year-old sister but was caught.

Officer didn’t believe her at first, and decided to check the situation by himself. He took the girl home. When Milton pulled up to the house, his heart broke and their reality started to set in. Walking into the house he saw that there were not enough beds for all of the children and the only furniture in the house was an old sofa.

There was hardly any food in the house.

The children’s mother told Milton that she did not work because she could not afford day care for the smaller children. She said her husband works in and out of town but does not make much money.

That’s when Milton understood that he wanted to help. He contacted DFACS to find out if a social worker could help the family with their living situation, then bought four pizzas and two large beverages for the family, paying for the food himself and delivering it (probably, buying some potato, pasta, cereals and meat would be better, but never mind.)

The Atlanta Police Department said Milton’s actions showed that not only does he enforce the law, he goes the extra mile to be a bigger part of the community that he is policing. An example, more police officers should follow.

The officer received a lot of appreciation. Many people showed a desire to help the family. That’s our damaged community which turns any act of kindness into a miracle, especially considering police officers. Instead of shooting the girl, the cop helped her! Exactly what “serve and protect” means. And, on top of all that, the officer is black.


Source: blacktolive


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