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Teacher Fired for Dragging a Preschooler Down a Hallway

An Ohio preschool teacher has been fired after another teacher snapped a photo of her dragging what looks to be an African American tot down a hallway.

The teacher, who worked with children at a Youngstown school in the Mahoning County Head Start program, was employed by Alta Care Group, a non-profit company that services the early education program.

“I want to make sure it is clear that the individual who was terminated does not reflect the values of the dedicated and skilled professionals at Alta Head Start,” Alta’s CEO Joe Shorokey said Wednesday in a statement. “We took this matter very seriously. We took action immediately. We apologized to the parents, as well as to the community.”

Fortunately, as soon as the photo was shared with administrators, the teacher in question was immediately fired. Because a person who would ever do something like this to a kid that small deserves to be fired.


Source: blacktolive

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