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8-Year-Old Boy Was Bullied Before Committing Suicide

Carson Elementary School has declined to release the video that shows what took place Jan. 24 in one of its bathrooms, resulting in what exactly it contains to be in dispute, according to the Washington Post. The mother of 8-year-old Gabriel Taye only recently found out about the video, and now is looking for some answers, the Post reports. Like, was there any connection between the bathroom incident and Gabriel’s suicide?

As the Post notes, a Cincinnati homicide detective has viewed the video and detailed that it shows a student in a red-and-gray coat punching another student wearing glasses in the stomach, sending the child to all fours on the ground. The boy then jumps in the face of another student in a “menacing manner,” the detective detailed in an email description of the video that was originally sent to the Cincinnati Inquirer, according to the report.

Gabriel remained unconscious as students stepped over his body, pointed at, nudged and kicked him for about five minutes before an assistant principal entered the bathroom and found him.

Two days later, Gabriel was dead, having taken his own life. His mother found him in his bedroom, hanged by one of his neckties.

In the months following Gabriel’s suicide, his mother was unaware of the encounter in the school bathroom. It was not until March that the video was brought to their knowledge.

Detective Eric Karaguleff who viewed the footage days after Gabriel’s death, said: “I witnessed behavior that in my belief is bullying and could even rise to the level of criminal assault but due to the apparent age of the children involved my current opinion is it could be better dealt with appropriately at the school level.


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