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Drunk White Man Viciously Punches Black Female Security Guard In Chicago

A Black security guard was viciously punched in the face early Sunday morning by a man she says was trying to help. Three bystanders saw the attack and did nothing.

As captured on video, a man walking down the street a little before 2 a.m., sat down in front of the building. Stigler came out and says she asked if he needed any help.

The man begins to vomit, and Stigler says she went to get a bucket to clean it up.

Stigler says she asked the man and his three friends to move away from the front of the building. The man throws a water bottle at Stigler, and then punches her in the face.

The guard, Zoa Stigler has a broken nose and black eye with a possible need for surgery as a result of the incident.

“He didn’t say one word. He just walked up to me and threw the bottled water and hit me in my face,” Stigler said.

“How can you hit a human being? Not alone that I’m a woman, but the fact that I am a human being and you punched me in my face like it meant nothing” she added.


Source: blacktolive

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