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Another Hate Crime Spike in California

According to the report by the state’s Justice Department, hate crimes in California increased by 11.2%. The state is considered to be the one of the most liberal among the United States. Still the black people face the greatest number of crimes.

The report states that race-related hate crimes exploded to 21.3 percent in 2016 with 251 hate-related “events” and 333 “offenses” were against African-Americans. The only group that comes close to the terror black people had face is Latinos who had 83 events reported and 114 separate offenses.

People claim that the spike in crimes is connected to the rise of white nationalism during the 2016 presidential election and then-Republican candidate Donald Trump’s popularity among white supremacy groups.

“We’re out there encouraging people to report crimes they normally wouldn’t be willing to report,” said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Det. Christopher Keeling, a hate crimes investigator. “The vast majority of what we’re seeing is vandalism, like a swastika here or there, or people making a blanket statement about hating a certain group of people, but we can’t directly link that to the election. If there is nothing saying this is related to the election, how can you attribute it to that?”

But the data is reflective of another shocking revelation about California. The state has the most active hate groups in the nation, with 79, followed by red state Florida with 63 and major red state Texas with 55.

Well, something is definitely wrong in California.


Source: blacktolive

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