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Beyoncé Loves Cardi B Just Like the Rest of Us!

One of the most endearing things about Beyoncé is that despite her carefully crafted image, she still manages to impart the illusion that she’s just like the rest of us, a regular “Texas bama” slanging hot sauce, decrying police brutality and making Lemonade when life becomes too bitter.

So it was no surprise that at hubby Jay Z’s Made in America Festival this weekend that Bey, looking fine as hell a few months after dropping twins (perhaps not so much like the rest of us) is a fan of Cardi B—the Bronx-born rapper who is taking the summer by storm.

Cardi performed on Sunday at the Philly festival, apparently getting a nod from the Queen herself.

Cardi and others took to social media to geek out about her awesome social media co-sign.

source: the root

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