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Kakadu National Park

Australia’s largest national park, Kakadu has a diverse landscape featuring thousands of plant and animal species as well as unique Aboriginal culture. Tourism Northern Territory (NT) worked with aerial videographers to produce a series of videos highlighting the beauty of Kakadu.

Australia Kakadu Ubirr Sunset, Kakadu National Park 110986-3

Australia Kakadu Gunlom Falls, Kakadu National Park 122402-3

Australia Kakadu Nawurlandja lookout, Nourlangie Rock 122327-3

Australia Kakadu National Park 120881-4

Australia Kakadu Gunlom Falls upper pool 122392-3

Australia Kakadu Agile wallabies - Mary River Floodplains 108611-3

Australia Kakadu Termite mounds Kakadu 111364

Australia Kakadu Twin Falls Aerial 122397-3

Australia Kakadu Maguk (Barramundi Gorge), Kakadu 120091-3

Australia Kakadu Maguk, Kakadu National Park 121481-3

Australia Kakadu Jarrangbarnmi - Koolpin Gorge, Kakadu National Park 122427-3

Australia Kakadu Nadab Lookout, Ubirr Rock 122330-3

Australia Kakadu Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise, Adelaide River 121350-3

Australia Kakadu Yellow Water Billabong, Kakadu 120018-3

Australia Kakadu Gunlom Falls 122389-3

the source: CNN

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