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Ocean adventurers: Swapping the rat race for life at sea

We sold up and bought a boat to sail around the world. How idyllic does that sound?

It conjures up images of the wind in your hair, aquamarine seas, dolphins at the bow, and watching the sunset in a different piece of paradise every night.
I am guilty of posting photographic proof of these very scenes. But don’t be fooled as we were. These images are captured in a split second. The rest of the time, the picture isn’t always so pretty.
Three months into our sailing adventure, we’ve learned that smooth sailing is an oxymoron. So is “pleasure cruiser” which is what our yacht is termed in the boating world.
The reality of sailing hit us just a few hours into our maiden voyage when a huge abandoned rope wrapped itself around our propeller, bringing us to a dead halt in the middle of the English Channel.
There was no wind so we couldn’t sail back to the UK. We were essentially a floating bath tub. Cue the coastguard.
Our boat “Boomerang” had immediately lived up to her name. As we were towed back to Poole by the Swanage RNLI my husband Jonathan suggested we rename the boat “Stick.”
Kellie takes the helm during the crossing from the UK to Gibraltar.
Former CNN producer Kellie Pollock and her husband Jonathan gave up their jobs to sail around the world. Kellie gives their boat, "Boomerang", a good polish before its maiden voyage.
"Boomerang" lives up to her name and gets towed back to the UK six and a half hours after setting sail. A length of rope had become tangled in the boat's propeller.
The only way to remove the rope was to haul the boat out of the water.The rope brought the boat to a complete stand still in the English Channel.
Jonathan rugs up for his three-hour watch on the 12-day journey from the UK to Gibraltar. This photo was taken just off the infamous Cape Finisterre.
Kellie feels the cold during the bitterly cold journey to Gibraltar.
One of the dolphins that accompanied the boat during the four-day crossing of the notorious Bay of Biscay.
The Rock of Gibraltar put on a spectacular show as Boomerang arrived after following 12 days at sea.With nothing on the horizon, the open ocean is perfect place to capture stunning sunsets -- like this one in the Atlantic.
Sunrise is one of the couple's favorite times of day, captured here on a bumpy crossing between Mallorca and Sardinia.
The morning after Kellie and Jonathan ran over another rope during their first night sail. The calmness of the sea belied the anxiety on board.
"Boomerang" is pictured anchored in the middle of Cala San Miguel in Ibiza, the kind of idyllic setting they envisaged when they bought the boat.
Jonathan hands over the helm to Kellie off the coast of Mallorca.
Jonathan looks surprisingly happy to be in the "nautical naughty step" after it ran out of fuel.

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