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Meet the White Nationalist Fraternity Coming to a College Near You

Apparently, racist organizations have the same philosophy as Alabama football and R. Kelly—“Get them while they’re young.” One of the newest players in the league of white supremacist groups has been spotted on campuses around the country, calling itself a “fraternal organization,” attempting to solicit white college students into its ranks, because you know what they say:

“Once you go white, your chicken will taste like it was boiled in cabbage water, you’ll dance like you’re being tased and you’ll have sex at the tempo of a jackrabbit on meth.” (They really need to work on their sayings.)

While they probably won’t win the next step show, Identity Evropa is one of the up-and-coming white nationalist groups that has been making some noise on the hate charts. Their chant “You Will Not Replace Us” could be heard at the Charlottesville, Va., “Unite the Right” tiki torch pre-rally hoedown, and they have one of the biggest pledge classes in the country.

Remember Peter Cvjetanovic, the white University of Nevada, Reno student caught screaming as if he was mid-orgasm after a lubricated swastika was shoved up his anus? Remember how he said, “I am not the angry racist they see in that photo?”


“I hope that the people sharing the photo are willing to listen that I’m not the angry racist they see…”https://t.co/xb0DUPOL15pic.twitter.com/JveDf0b0Os

— Bill Weir (@BillWeirCNN) August 13, 2017


Look closely at Cvjetanovic’s shirt. Can you see the little triangular symbol? That’s called the “Dragon’s Eye.” It is the logo of Identity Evropa. Their website (no, we aren’t linking to it) says it is an ancient European symbol and describes it as such:

The triangle represents the threat that we as a people are facing. The “y” inside represents the choice that we have to make between good and evil. It is a symbol of protection that will grant us succor against the ongoing evil that seeks to destroy truth.

Identity Evropa is one of the fastest-growing hate groups in America because, while other white supremacist groups like the KKK, skinheads and neo-Nazis exist under the shadow of secrecy, IE is proud of its hate-filled legacy. It walks in the sunlight. It is unapologetically white.

And they are looking for a few good men.

The organization is one of the new breeds of “alt-right” groups that are openly recruiting young people to the Identitarian movement. One of the group’s most brazen strategies is to go on college campuses and solicit white men to join.

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