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Jay-Z Reportedly Turns Down Super Bowl Halftime Gig; Is It in Solidarity With Kaepernick?

Many never forgave Jigga (OK, I never forgave Jigga) for going ahead with his Barney’s capsule collaboration in 2013, when it was clear that the retailer was racially targeting its young, African-American customers.

But perhaps, as evidenced by his recent grown-man opus, 4:44, Jay-Z has clearly matured in matters of love as well as social justice (see this, this, and this as examples.)

Now The Source is reporting that Jay-Z has turned down the NFL to headline the 2018 Super Bowl halftime show, a coveted spot that promises at least 111 million eyes, if last year’s numbers are any indication.

And though no clear reason was given for the turn down, it may not be a stretch to assume that Jay is taking a stand against a league many black people are boycotting because of its treatment of former QB Colin Kaepernick, who knelt during the playing of the national anthem before NFL games last year, and is subsequently out of a job because of it.

Just last week, Jay showed his solidarity with Kaepernick by shouting him out during his stage performance in NYC during his “The Story of O.J.” set. Also, he is doing some gigs, because he signed onto Saturday Night Live’s opening show.

If more African Americans of stature follow Jay’s lead and boycott the Super Bowl halftime show, well, that’s when all the beer runs will go down for those who still care to watch.

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