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Why is American society so violent?

In the wake of one of the worst massacres in modern American history, the US government highest leaders will be silent about why things like this keep happening.

“Warmest condolences” will be tweeted to families of those who lost their lives, minutes of mourning will pass and murmurs of mental health issues and lone-wolf actors will taper into silence. Taming homegrown terror and tightening gun control will be dismissed as inappropriate or unnecessary politicizing of a tragedy and quickly become secondary to more pressing issues on the administration’s agenda. Yet the United States of America has been here before.

The question is why? Is it because the country was founded on violence and brutalization of the indigenous population and now it has been established in the culture of the nation? Could it be because since the second world war the United States has killed over 20 million across 37 different countries and bombed, occupied and conducted regime change operations across 5 different continents? Could it be that all that violence abroad has contributed in a violent society at home?

source: press tv

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