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Sichuan’s best dishes

Zhong shui jiao (Zhong dumplings): Named after a local street vendor, Zhong dumplings are one of the most popular snacks in Sichuan capital Chengdu.

07 sichuan food

Shui zhu yu (water-boiled fish): This dish is a dramatic centerpiece of poached fish in a great sea of sizzling oil, thick with dried chilies and Sichuan pepper.

03 sichuan food

Mapo doufu (Pock-marked old woman’s tofu): If you ever thought tofu was boring, mapo tofu will make you think again. It’s a delicious concoction of tender tofu, minced beef or pork, Sichuan chili bean sauce and ground Sichuan pepper.

04 sichuan food

Liang ban ji (cold chicken): Sichuanese cold chicken dishes, made with poached chicken bathed in a spicy sauce, are simple yet sensational.

01 sichuan food

Seasonal greens: Dry-fried green beans, a signature dish often made with Sichuan peppercorns, garlic, ginger, scallions, mustard root and ground pork, has a delightful burst of flavors.

02 sichuan food

Yu xiang qie zi (fish-fragrant eggplant): Made with pickled chilies, classic “fish-fragrant” sauces have base notes of sweet and sour, which pair perfectly with eggplant.

05 sichuan food

Hui guo rou (twice-cooked pork): This homely stir-fry of sizzling pork is first boiled, then sliced and fried.

06 sichuan food

source: cnn

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