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Video: US demonizing Muslims to pursue imperial agenda: Commentator

The United States demonizes Muslims to introduce them as its enemies in order to pursue its imperialist foreign policy and acts of aggression against independent nations, says a commentator.

“After the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991 … Muslims became America’s enemy of choice” and this has accelerated even more after President Donald Trump took office in January 2017 to justify the United States’ policies around the globe, Stephen Lendman told Press TV on Thursday.

“The only way it (the US) can justify its actions, its wars of aggression, its hostility toward independent nations” and its attempt for regime change is by inventing enemies; so, America invented anti-Muslim sentiment to pursue “its imperial agenda and its wars of aggression against independent nations,” said the writer and radio host.

The FBI has released new statistics illustrating a nearly 5 percent rise in hate crimes for the second consecutive year in 2016, especially against Muslims.

source: press tv

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