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Video: Pentagon: US tax dollars, while states budget-less

Did you know that nearly half the Pentagon budget of the US goes to contractors? According to one report, US tax dollars support CEOs salary, while there are US states that don’t even have budgets.

It really began with the “war on terror,” and 16 years on, the Pentagon and US military apparatus, contractors, and manufacturers couldn’t be happier.

US taxpayers have no idea, but a large majority of their money is going directly into the pockets of private corporations and bloated CEO salaries.

Then there’s the issue of waste, which has now become a common occurrence, weapons system and planes that don’t even operate.

The “war on terror” should be seen as a disaster, yet the Pentagon couldn’t be happier, because it has been a financial success.

Hawks on Capitol Hill usually justify increases in the military budget by arguing that more money is needed to support the troops. However, it’s hard to believe that hundreds of billions of dollars go to the troops only.

A handsome portion of the money, however, goes directly to private companies. In 2016, the Pentagon issued $304 billion awards to corporations—nearly half of the department’s budget for that year.

Are these corporations really there to promote the country’s defense? Waste, fraud, and abuse are said to be part of the trade.

source: press tv

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