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Arizona Police Chief Loses Gun in Library, Takes 4 Days to Realize It’s Missing

Really the punch line just writes itself. Except this isn’t a joke. An Arizona police chief really did up and forget his service weapon in a library bathroom stall and didn’t even realize it was missing until four days later.

And now he wants the public’s help finding it.

According to the Arizona Republic, Prescott Valley (Ariz.) Police Department issued a bulletin Monday, asking anyone with information on the missing firearm belonging to Police Chief Bryan Jarrell to contact them immediately.

According to the bulletin, Jarrell accidentally left the weapon in a bathroom stall while changing there following a Town Council meeting about 6 p.m. Nov. 9.

But it took Jarrell until Nov. 13 to realize he had no service weapon. According to the bulletin, he immediately reported it missing as soon as he discovered it gone.

The gun is described as a black, 9 mm Glock 19, with the serial number YHC 944.

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