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Video: US, Israel eager to eliminate Iran sovereignty: Writer

Iran is the number one in the target lists of Israel and America, because they want to attack the Islamic Republic’s sovereignty, says a radio host.  

“Israel [is] wanting Iranian sovereignty eliminated and the same goes for Washington,” because the joint strategy of both the US and Israel is “war” in order to preserve their own influence in the Middle East region, Stephan Lendman told Press TV on Wednesday.

“Israel on its own will not attack Iran, but Israel is pushing America. [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu has pushed America a number of times in the past to attack Iran,” the writer and radio host added.

On Tuesday, the former US secretary of state, John Kerry, said Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt urged Washington to “bomb Iran” before the conclusion of the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world countries, with Tel Aviv pushing harder than the rest.

source: press tv

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