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Video: Sheikh Zakzaky in Nigerian detention for 700 days

The Islamic Movement of Nigeria has repeatedly petitioned President Muhammadu Buhari to release its leader, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, his wife, Zeenah, and several hundreds of other members from detention.

A recent statement by its media director, Ibrahim Musa, said it was becoming clearer to people that right from the outset; the intent was to destroy the group.That alleged intent was never more clear than the night of December 12th 2015.

The Nigerian army attacked Islamic Movement leader Sheikh Zakzaky’s house and conducted what looked like a premeditated military assault. They burned the house to the ground with everyone in it. The attacks lasted until December 14th and  Sheikh Zakzaky who had already lost three sons to similar action, lost another three sons in the attacks. Over two years later, Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife remain in detention.

source: press tv

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