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New Orleans Saints Season Ticket Holder Sues Team Because of Anthem Kneeling

A man named “Lee Dragna” filed a lawsuit against the New Orleans Saints where he claimed that the protests during the national anthem upset him and his family so much that he was unable to enjoy the games. I am not completely convinced that this lawsuit is a real thing—or even that “Lee Dragna” is a real name—but apparently it is.

To add more credence to the idea that this is totally, definitely, absolutely a made-up thing, the Saints didn’t even stage any protests at the games “Lee Dragna” attended.

From Deadspin:

The stupidest thing about this lawsuit, aside from the fact that it exists, is that Saints players never even protested during the anthem at a home game. The only time any players sat for the national anthem was before their Week 3 game against the Panthers, which was a road game. Saints running back Mark Ingram helpfully pointed this out yesterday:


The one time we protested an anthem was an away game. After a team meeting we decided to kneel as one BEFORE the anthem was played and STAND united as one DURING the anthem! Good luck dude ✌🏾 https://t.co/28huwGP0Pu

— Mark Ingram II (@MarkIngram22) December 13, 2017


I reached out to “Lee Dragna’s” family this morning just to confirm that he’s a real person. Unfortunately, I have some sad news to report. “Lee Dragna” is in fact a real person, but an hour ago he was found naked in a tub of the juiciest and saltiest white tears that have ever fallen. And not only did he drown, but the salt dissolved most of his body, and all that was left of him were his tear ducts. Which, even after he’d already drowned, were still somehow producing tears (and oddly, surprisingly tasty guacamole too).

“Lee Dragna” sure had some talented tear ducts.

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