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“The Shade of Devotion”: from Homeless to Home

Dawnell Jacobs, a local Georgia educator, has released her highest selling novel in bookstores, Amazon and on Kindle. Writer’s Digest has hailed her novel as “a classic love triangle” with a “satisfactory” conclusion.

Although unknown to most readers, the characters in her novel are based loosely on her own life. At 17 years old, Jacobs was homeless. Her mother, due to a mental illness, abandoned her and her three younger siblings (ages 3, 5, and 7) in the care of social services.

Jacobs promised her siblings that she would get them out of the foster care. It was this promise that motivated her to finish her high school diploma, pursue a college education, and become an educator. She comments, “By becoming a teacher, I was able to fulfill my promise to my brothers and get them from foster care as well as help countless of other children just like me. Teaching gave me the income I needed to accomplish my goal, but it also gave me the avenue to help other children accomplish theirs.”

After gaining custody of her siblings, Jacobs raised them, earned her Masters of Arts in Language Arts from Columbus State University, and pursued her PhD in Teaching and Learning. However, her friends and family persuaded Dawnell Jacobs to pursue her original dream of being an author. Thus, she decided to enter the world of publishing in hopes that she could pen a New York Timesbest seller and be featured on Oprah’s Book Club. In 2012, she founded Heal The Heart Publishing Company, LLC.

The Shade of Devotion, Jacobs’ second novel is a fictional romance. Readers will fall in love with the character Yasmin as she struggles to gain custody of her little brother after her mother’s suicide. Desperately, trying to keep her family together, Yasmin looked to her friends for help. However, unlike the author’s real life, Yasmin can only find help from an illegal immigrant with a dark past named Nisay. In exchange for her hand in marriage and a green card, he promises to help her restore her family. Yet, Yasmin is reluctant to devote herself to a man and a culture she knows nothing about despite Nisay’s romantic gestures. Her self-destructive nature causes her to make a decision that ultimately hurts them both and endangers their arrangement. The characters learn the true definition of love and devotion as they become entangled in each other’s tragic stories.

Readers have stated that this novel is “a master piece,” “an amazing book that truly moved,” a book that keeps them “turning the page,” and that they “couldn’t put it down.” The Shade of Devotion, “grabs your attention and sends you on an emotional ride of triumph, romance, love and pain” and according to reviews, The Shade of Devotion is “a must read.”

Jacobs published the book through her home publishing company called Heal The Heart Publishing Company. The book is solely produced by her, from the authorship, to design, layout, and editing. She is also looking to help others self-publish their works.

The Shade of Devotion is currently available on AmazonKindle and at bookstores like Barnes and Noble! For additional information or a sample copy, contact Heal The Heart Publishing Company at dawnelljacobs@hotmail.com.

source: blacknews

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