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17-Year-Old Maame Biney Becomes First Black Girl to Make U.S. Olympics for Speedskating

We bout to see all the #blackgirlmagic during the Winter Olympics, now that a 17-year-old from Virginia has bust through.

On Saturday, Maame Bine became the first African American woman to qualify for the U.S. Winter Olympics in speedskating, with two victories in the 500 meters.

“I can’t believe it, aww geez,” said the Reston, Va., native of Ghanaian parents. “It’s a really good feeling, but it has to set in first because it takes me a while. I’m like, ‘Holy cow.’”


After Biney qualified, she let her teen euphoria get the best of her and came tumbling down on the ice—but she popped back up like Beyonce and took it all in stride.

“When I realized I made the Olympic team, I started cheering like crazy and then I made my epic fall,” Biney said afterward. “So, yeah, you’re welcome.”

Biney will be the second black speedskater on a U.S. Olympic team. Shani Davis was 19 when he qualified for the short track team in 2002. He later switched to long track and won four medals, including two golds, according to USA Today.

And in case you’re wondering how her last name is pronounced, her father cleared all that up with a sign he held from the stands on Saturday: “Kick Some Hiney Biney.”

If she can keep her nerves in check, gold is almost assured. In the first 500 final at the short track trials on Saturday, she beat Olympians Lana Gehring, Jessica Kooreman and Katherine Reutter-Adamek handily.

Read more at USA Today and the Salt Lake Tribune.

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