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White Supremacist Troll Low-Key Stalks Maxine Waters

Well-known white supremacist troll, Chuck C. Johnson, somehow found himself on a plane with Rep. Maxine Waters and snapped her pic in some kind of weird, stalkery behavior.

As Little Green Footballs reports, Johnson was recently in the news for hyping a fraudulent sexual harassment allegation against Chuck Schumer, and must’ve creamed his pants when he realized that the muva of the resistance was on the very same plane as he.

Being the punk bitch he is, Johnson waited for Rep. Waters to go to sleep and then sat next to her and snapped a selfie (he also got a shot of her working before that).

His caption read:

I am sitting next to a female congressman on a flight from DCA to LAX who just said that she hopes an accused sexual harassing congressman Ruben J. Kihuensticks it out. She spoke with a Hispanic man who is seated to my left one row up. He said that Kihuen was going to go meet Harry Reid who still “runs the show”. I’ll post a selfie with Congresswoman Maxine Waters when I land.

So much for #Metoo.

So, after this Johnson “person” posted his snap of Auntie Maxine, sub-human succubus George Zimmerman, recently in the news for saying he was going to “beat up” Jay-Z for his Trayvon Martin documentary, put his worthless commentary up.

FIRST of all, he called Auntie Maxine out of her name, with the comment, “Corrine Brown is trying to flee her prison sentence,” referring to the longtime-Florida Congresswoman recently sentenced to five years for corruption (I guess all black “female congressmen” look alike).

He then continues, “I suppose WE THE PEOPLE are paying for the first class ticket so she can sleep on the plane.”

So – Zimmerman can’t tell his black people apart. Who’d have ever thought it?

On top of that, Rep. Waters’ opponent in the midterm election, conservative Republican Omar Navarro also got his little digs in after someone tagged him and and another person wrote, “Let’s get Omar these frequent flyer miles. Time for Mad Maxine to go.” To which Navarro replied LOL (since deleted).

If Navarro’s “people” are Zimmerman and Johnson, I’m sticking with Auntie Max.

source: the root

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