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Hip-Hop Pioneer Reggie ‘Combat Jack’ Ossé Dies at 48

Reggie Ossé, aka Combat Jack, host of the popular Combat Jack Show podcast,has died at the age of 48, just months after disclosing his colon cancer diagnosis.

The attorney-turned-podcaster announced his diagnosis in October via Twitter.

“Internets, what’s up? It’s your man Combat Jack. In 7 years of podcasting, I’ve never missed an episode. I got hit with some real life shit. I was recently diagnosed with Colon Cancer,” he wrote.

Social media tributes have been pouring in since the announcement of Ossé’s passing:

During his career, Ossé was considered a pioneer in hip-hop, representing people such as Jay-Z and Capone-n-Noreaga before starting his No. 1 hip-hop podcast.

source: the root

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