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Landon Collins calls Eli Apple a ‘cancer,’ says Giants must get rid of him

Giants safety Landon Collins landed on Injured Reserve after breaking his right forearm on Christmas Eve, but the Pro Bowl safety delivered one last hit in 2017 when he labeled teammate Eli Apple a “cancer” on Tuesday afternoon.

Collins, the lone bright spot for the 2-13 Giants, called out Apple, a cornerback, once more during an appearance on ESPN Radio in New York. When asked what scouting report he would provide to a new general manager or coach in the offseason, Collins laughed before outlining his thoughts.

“There’s one corner that has to establish [himself] and needs to grow and we all know who that is,” Collins said. “That would be the only person I would change out of our secondary group. The other two guys – DRC [Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie] and Jack Rabbit [Janoris Jenkins – I love those two guys… They play hard. They love what they do. But that first pick, he’s a cancer.”

Apple, 22, was a first round pick in 2016. Former general manager Jerry Reese selected him with the No. 10 overall choice. Apple has battled injuries and struggled to stay astride the competition this year. He missed four consecutive games during one period this season, including the December loss to the Cowboys. During that game, Apple, who was inactive, re-tweeted praise for Cowboys running back Rod Smith. Smith and Apple played together in college. Interim coach Steve Spagnuolo said that he spoke with Apple about that social media foul.

Apple’s position with the team appeared to stabilize the next week. Apple returned to play 60 snaps against the Eagles, but he returned to the doghouse for the holiday. Apple was active on Christmas Eve for a road game at Arizona, but he committed a holding penalty on special teams early in the contest and otherwise barely played. Spagnuolo declined to re-insert Apple even as cornerback Brandon Dixon was twice beaten for two Cardinals touchdown passes.

Landon Collins says he is a fan of all his secondary teammates except Eli Apple.

Landon Collins says he is a fan of all his secondary teammates except Eli Apple.


An NJ.com report on Saturday stated that Apple had a falling out with his stepfather Tim Apple, a major part of his support structure, over the summer. It is considered to be a big reason for his erratic performances.

Collins and Apple have not been on the same page for a stretch now. Collins, now concluding his third season, was the only Giant to earn a Pro Bowl spot while Apple’s time in New York beyond the season finale against Washington appears murky.

Two weeks ago, Collins stated that he and other teammates had sit-down conversations with Apple this season to talk about some struggles Apple has faced in his second season, but Apple denied that Collins offered any assistance.

“Landon? No,” Apple said. “I talk to Brandon Marshall, DRC (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) always been a good person because he kind of went through the same thing around my age a little bit.”

Eli Apple has been benched and relegated to special teams duty in recent weeks.

Eli Apple has been benched and relegated to special teams duty in recent weeks.


Collins insisted that he did speak with Apple.

“Is that what he said? I guess he don’t remember things,” Collins said. “I don’t know. It is what it is. I don’t want to start no controversy with my teammate. I know I have (spoken to him) and I know what I did. I spoke highly of him. It is what it is.”

With one game left, the Giants know this: Collins will not play. Apple is healthy, but he may not see the field, either. So it goes in the Meadowlands.

source: nydaily

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