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Activists And Celebrities React To Erica Garner’s Death

Tributes to activist Erica Garner are flowing in on social media as news of her death continues to spread. The 27-year-old passed away Saturday morning after enduring a cardiac arrest-induced coma for the last week.

Her death was confirmed by her official Twitter account.

Take a look at how many are remembering the young activist who was taken from us too soon. Rest in power, Erica.

Rev. Al Sharpton

“She has passed,” Sharpton told the New York Post. “Her heart was broken when she didn’t get justice. … The [heart] attack just dealt with the pieces that were left.”

Deray McKesson

Cornell Brooks

Bernice King

A young, black woman who loved her father. And watched him die at the hands of police who he alerted that he was dying. Not even 30 yet and did not back away from the freedom struggle. She carried a burden. I pray that she’s resting now. Peace, Erica Garner.

Charles M. Blow

RIP . So much sadness for one family… http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/30/us/erica-garner-eric-death/index.html 

Activist Erica Garner dies after heart attack

Erica Garner — an activist for social justice and the eldest daughter of the man who died from a police choke hold in New York in 2014 — died on Saturday days after suffering a heart attack,…


April Reign

Symone Sanders

My heart is heavy. I hope Erica Garner’s family and friends find comfort in knowing she was a fighter and a passionate soul. Praying for her children.

Bill De Blasio

Erica Garner’s death is a horrible tragedy. I am praying for her family, who have already been through so much. This city will miss her unshakable sense of justice and passion for humanity.

Shaun King

Our dear sister Erica Garner has just passed away.

When you were her friend, you her friend through all adversity. She was a fierce protector of her friends and family. A truth teller. As genuine and authentic of a soul you’ll ever encounter.

We’re less because of this loss.

Anika Noni Rose

Rest in power, Erica. Our prayers are with your family and friends.

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