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BlackEconomicsMatter.com Will Create 45 New Black Billionaires Through Collaboration

There are approximately 500 billionaires in America. There are approximately 5 Black billionaires in America. Blacks represent 10-15% of the population in America. Based on 10%, there should be at least 50 Black billionaires in America.
BlackEconomicsMatter.com launched on February 1, 2018. The killing of unarmed Black men, and even women and children, by police officers has incited many movements. The protests were warranted by the urgent need to address the issue. This and a myriad of other problems plague Black America, and applying group economics is one of the main solutions.
BlackEconomicsMatter.com will autonomously, but collectively, address and develop strategies from an economic perspective to promote Black-owned businesses that are at least 51% Black-owned.

BlackEconomicsMatter.com Strategic Partners which includes: AnnaCartersTheSeedLady.com, BAMway.net, BlackTradeLines.com, DudleyQ.com, HaroldWhaley.com, Global1000.us, JobsCreatePeace.com, NuRepublic.com, SocioEconomics.org and UiNtv.net are available for interviews on this subject via radio, TV, universities, etc.

For more details, visit www.BlackEconomicsMatter.com

Bryan Franklin
(323) 816-5100

source: blacknews

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