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Video: World Hijab Day

World Hijab Day

The rise in religious discrimination against Muslims worldwide has provoked Muslims activists to move to raise public awareness against this phenomenon. Nazma Khan, a Bangladeshi national living in the US, has to the same effect launched the World Hijab Day. Each year on February 1, Khan’s non-profit organization invites females of all faiths, backgrounds and ethnicities to wear the hijab for a day in solidarity with Muslim women worldwide. Since its inception in 2013, more than 70 global ambassadors from over 45 countries have been involved and women from around 190 countries participate in the annual event. Many believe the initiative would help break the false stereotypes about the religious head covering. But why is there so much discrimination against them, or is it against Islam?

Will Israel attack Lebanon

Tensions between Israel and Lebanon are mounting apparently over a maritime dispute. The two sides claim an area at sea which is said to be rich in gas and oil. The Israeli regime has warned foreign investors against any activity in the area. Israel has been constantly threatening to attack Lebanon over the past years. But Tel Aviv’s rhetoric has intensified recently, with Israeli officials openly threatening to force all of Beirut into bomb shelters and bragging about the impact the war will have on the Lebanese civilian population. Some might see the maritime dispute as an excuse used by Israel to step up pressure on Lebanon and even to wage a new war on the country.

source: press tv

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