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New African-American Clothing Line Aims to Change Lifestyles like Ralph Lauren’s Polo Did

In the late 1960’s, Ralph Lauren released its Polo clothing line which would quickly go on to change the way that Americans dressed. After its release, it became an iconic look for the upper class who could afford the leisurewear and leisure time. Polo’s popularity continued to grow and has even shaped the “business casual” look and dress code adopted by many workplaces across the country today.
Now, Abdju Wear is poised to do for the African American community what Polo once did for upper class America, but at much more affordable prices.
From Sa-Ra (polo style shirts) to RBG Sandals and Lucille Park l (high top sneakers), all available in traditional Pan-African flag colors, Abdju Wear proves that classy clothing and a luxurious lifestyle don’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, they’re really quite affordable.

Abdju Wear’s founder, Bobby West, said, “We are taking the hood out of the community one shoe at a time. Abdju Wear is dedicated to building the African American community with a product that will transform the Hoods back into a community. The starter of Abdju Wear have been volunteering in the black community for over 17 years. We have created a product that will stimulate the community with small business opportunities. We are bringing pride back into the marketplace with the red, black, and green.”

This would not be possible without the full support of Nagast Footwear.

To shop Abdju Wear’s collections, visit www.abdjuwear.com

source: blacknews

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