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Cleveland Cavalier JR Smith Had The Funniest Reaction When He Found Out His Wife Is Having Another Girl

Basketball star JR Smith is already father to three daughters, and the fourth time around, the New Jersey native was really hoping for a little boy.

In a gender reveal video standing alongside his wife, Shirley, the Cleveland Cavalier star had a hilarious reaction when he learned that baby #4 was going to be another…girl!

With the help of teammate LeBron James and his wife Savannah, the Smiths popped a giant balloon and watched as pink confetti poured out. JR walked out of the camera frame in disbelief.

Shirley captioned the video post on Instagram, “Babe, If it’s a girl imma be tight” #babyblessings #bundleofjoy #myhusbandsaidthatsit!!”

JR and Shirley tied the knot in August 2016 and are already parents to daughters Demi and Dakota. The 32-year-old baller already has a daughter, Peyton, from another relationship. In December, the 2016 NBA champ tweeted that the couple was expecting again.

The parents-to-be shared the baby news with their oldest daughter and her reaction was priceless.

“It’s a girl, seriously? No! No! No!,” says the 9-year-old.

Here’s to the couple welcoming a happy and healthy baby girl!

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