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Video: Racial hatred growing in Italy against migrants

Racial hatred growing in Italy against migrants
‘Racial Hatred’ was cited after a shooting rampage in Italy; A gunman targeting African immigrants from his car on Saturday wounded at least 6 people, one seriously, before being arrested. Calling the shootings an “evident display of racial hatred,” Italy’s Interior Minister Marco Minniti said, “The only element that links the persons who were injured is the color of their skin.” It appears that migration could sooner or later become a serious issue in the country. There are just over five million foreigners living legally in Italy, about 8 percent of the country’s population. Of these, 3.7 million are from outside the European Union.

What is making Hamas sense imminent Israeli attack? 
The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has warned that Israel might attack the besieged Gaza strip in the coming days. Hamas, which controls Gaza, said there is a 95 percent chance that Israel will launch a war as part of a military exercise. That’s according to a report by the Arab-language newspaper al-Hata which was quoting sources from various factions in the Gaza Strip, including Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar. The group and other resistance organizations have announced a shift to the highest level of alert and evacuated most of their command echelon from their facilities in Gaza.

source: press tv

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