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Judge says cops OK for cuffing Kimani Gray as he died in street

A Brooklyn federal judge scuttled two claims in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of a teenager killed by police — by ruling cops were justified in arresting and handcuffing him as he lay dying on the street, the Daily News has learned.

Kimani Gray was 16 years old when he died in a hail of police bullets in 2013 — and his killing sparked outrage and protests.

The judge’s ruling Monday doesn’t spell the end of the Grays’ case against the city and officers, the family’s lawyers told The News.

Claims over the cops’ unreasonable use of deadly force by shooting Gray seven times, and inflicting pain and suffering by handcuffing him as he lay wounded and screaming on an East Flatbush street, are still going to trial, the attorneys said.

In her ruling, the jurist said she had to weigh the Gray family’s claim that the teen was unarmed against the claims of city lawyers, who say Gray pointed a firearm at cops.

The Brooklyn District Attorney didn’t press charges against the officers.

source: nydaily

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