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Video: Trump greatest danger to US, not Russia or China: Analyst

The “greatest danger” to the United States comes from President Donald Trump and his grand plan to expand the US military industrial complex, says an analyst.

“The biggest danger to the United States is not Russia, or China, or North Korea or Iran. The biggest danger to the United States is the corporate system and its puppet Donald Trump,” Rob Kall, executive editor at OpedNews.com. told Press TV.

Pointing to Trump’s campaign promise to “drain the swamp,” Kall said he viewed the pledge as an attempt  to “make it more comfortable for more criminals, more frauds, more corrupt people and for billionaires” to take over Washington.

The Trump administration has called on Congress to approve a major budget increase in order to counter “threats” from Russia, China, and North Korea.

The Pentagon on Monday requested $686 billion for military spending in 2019. The requested amount is one of the largest in US history, and is also focused on beefing up the country’s nuclear arsenal.

“The military budget is a sham,” Kall said. “To say the military budget is under a trillion dollars is a deception and a lie.”

“The US has black funding, black budgets,” the analyst explained. “The military is out of control and has been unaccounted for literally trillions of dollars.”

“People who run the military are crooks and frauds and traitors to the United States.”

The request for more military spending comes as the budget proposed by the administration includes major cuts for international diplomacy and overseas aid.

Promoting his proposal on Monday, Trump said the US military would be the strongest it has ever been.

Last month, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis warned of “growing threats” from Russia and China, saying the US military’s advantages over the two countries have eroded in recent years.

source: press tv

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