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Cops attempted to stop mom’s fatal jump from Harlem window, witness says

Police desperately tried to stop a mother of two from jumping to her death out of a Harlem window, a witness said Sunday.

“They were saying, ‘Get off the ledge! You don’t have to do this,’” said Erick Velazquez, 15, who was walking by the King Towers on Lenox Ave. near W. 115th St. before Quanneisha Baskerville, 30, jumped around noon Saturday.

Baskerville didn’t say anything before her fatal fall from an apparent bathroom window on the fifth floor, Velazquez added.

“She was just sitting there on the ledge and then she jumped,” according to Velazquez.

Police were called to the apartment by a roommate of her child’s father, who had an order of protection against Baskerville, according to authorities.

Baskerville’s two sons, an 11-year-old and a 10-year-old, were inside the apartment when police arrived. It was not immediately clear if they witnessed their mom’s fatal fall.

On Sunday, police stressed they were never in the same room and never made physical contact with Baskerville before her death.

But they emphasized she was a doting mother who cared for her young sons and always took them to school.

Cristina Segarra, 33, who lived down the hall from Baskerville for two-and-a-half years, described her as an attentive mother, fussing over her children and making sure they looked presentable and got out the door on time.

“Whatever she was going through in her own personal life, it must have been a lot, because for someone to go and throw themselves out the window, you know. … I just feel bad for the kids,” Segarra said.

“One time my son got locked out and she offered to go to the store and get him something to eat,” she added.

Baskerville had just started a new job as a home health aide, according to Segarra.

“She was getting her life situated,” she said. “I’m pretty sure she had a lot of problems in the past. But I used to see her every morning taking her kids to school.”

Brenda Deleston, 72, who lived next door to Baskerville, said she heard constant “banging” from the apartment.

Interior corridor inside the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Towers.

“The walls (would) be banging,” Deleston said. “And I told her one time, ‘If you crack my mirror, you’re going to hear it from me.’”

“She’d be in there boxing,” Deleston added, declining to elaborate.

Ciera Bryant, 31, a NYCHA maintenance worker, said she immediately thought of Baskerville when she heard the news of someone falling to her death.

“Once they mentioned the building and all of that, my mind went straight to her,” she said. “I know there were some issues.”

Still, she was a model tenant, Bryant added.

“She was a good tenant,” she said. “Always cool with me, always appreciative and stuff like that. I never had any issues with her. I’m sorry to hear about what’s going on. It’s really sad.”

source: nydaily

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