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Drunken man emerges from under NYC train unharmed after scaring straphangers

No smoking under the subway!

A man terrified straphangers by letting a B train barrel over him at the Grand St. station Monday morning — only to reveal he was safely hidden in a nook under the platform by flashing a lit cigarette in his hand.

The man emerged from beneath the train unscathed — and proved it by dancing a jig for relieved firefighters and witnesses.

“It was insane!” said Shon Mogharabi, 31, who captured the wild episode on cell phone video.

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“If he died and I didn’t save him, he would have ruined my life.”

The man, wearing a black hoodie and gray jeans, was intoxicated and taken to Bellevue Hospital for observation, authorities said.

The incident resulted in suspended service for roughly 30 minutes beginning around 10:18 a.m.

Mogharabi spotted the man collecting bottles on the tracks of the uptown track while waiting on the train.

“I was like, ‘My guy, you gotta get off the tracks! Next train is going to be here any minute!’ ” Mogharabi said.

Straphangers frantically waved their hands at the B train conductor as it pulled in. Mogharabi said he tried to grab the man under the shoulders and pull him up, but he resisted.

“I try to wriggle him free and at the last minute he ducks inside,” Mogharabi said.

As the train roared over the man, everyone on the platform turned and looked away.

“We all turn our backs — like yo, we can’t see this!” Mogharabi said.

It turned out the man was fine. A hand holding a lit cigarette, emerging from between the stopped train and the platform was proof.

“All of a sudden you see a hand wave out with a lit cigarette,” said Mogharabi, who DJs on the weekends.

“Obviously he was mentally disturbed or homeless. Whether he had a rough day or what — I’m just glad he’s OK.”

Video showed the man crawling from under the front of the train, throwing a few bottles for good measure.

Straphangers pointed the man out to firefighters as he walked on the platform, no worse for wear.

“Hey buddy slow down a second, are you OK?” a firefighter said.

The man danced in response.

“You dancing?” the firefighter exclaimed.

Mogharabi never heard the man say a word.

By 10:48 a.m. service on the B and D lines had returned to normal.

source: nydaily

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