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North Carolina Man Killed While Recording on Facebook Live

A North Carolina man was shot and killed while recording on Facebook Live, leaving a string of clues for investigators.

“You’re on live,” Prentis Robinson could be heard saying as he swiveled his camera—which was on a selfie stick—toward his assailant. The incident was caught on camera near Wingate (N.C.) University at around 10:15 a.m.

Police have since named 65-year-old Douglas Cleveland Colson as a suspect in the shooting, and have issued murder warrants for him, the New York Daily News reports.


Just in—warrants are out for Douglas Colson for the murder of Prentis Robinson in Wingate today. Police believe Colson who is from Marshville, shot Robinson on College Street today while Robinson was on Facebook Live possibly “outing” Local suspected drug dealers. pic.twitter.com/bzfBlwQsnX

— Greg Suskin (@GSuskinWSOC9) February 27, 2018


Wingate Police Chief Donnie Gay told Fox 46 Charlotte that Robinson had just visited the police station about five minutes before the shooting to report a stolen cellphone.

The local station also cited sources that claimed Robinson had been outing suspected drug dealers in the neighborhood via Facebook.

The relationship between Colson and Robinson, however, still remains unclear.

source: the root

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