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Video: NRA on its last legs?

These are the headlines we are tracking for you in this episode of On the News Line:

NRA on its last legs?

Every high profile case of gun violence in the United States usually renews a national debate on gun control laws. The February 14th mass shooting at a high school in Florida has once again brought the issue to the fore. It has also revealed deep divisions in America over gun laws. President Donald Trump, who was endorsed by America’s gun lobby, has proposed raising the age limit for purchasing certain types of firearms. The US president also wants rifle attachments that enable them to shoot faster to be banned. It is not still clear how serious Trump really is about pushing for changes. But the powerful National Rifle Association is pushing back against even the most modest proposals for tighter regulations.

Poverty deepens in Britain

A piece of news which bodes bad for Britain as it struggles to leave the European Union…. New figures show there has been a surge in the number of public sector workers relying on charity handouts to make ends meet.  According to the statistics, police officers, nurses and teachers are receiving charitable grants at a higher rate than ever because they are struggling to pay rent and provide for their children. Britain’s opposition Labour Party has jumped on the report, calling the figures as “utterly shameful”. Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats say it’s “appalling” that public sector staff are “begging for money”. Before Brexit, the UK economy is not doing well. The question is if Britain will be better off after leaving the EU.

source: press tv

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