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Ohio Firefighter Fired After Sharing Racist McDonald’s Meme on Facebook

A Springfield, Ohio firefighter won’t be putting out any fires anytime soon, after being fired for sharing a racist meme on Facebook. According to the Springfield News Sun, Bradly Baugh, who was hired less than 2 months ago, shared a meme that used a racial slur directed towards black people, mocked fast food workers and high school drop outs.

“Niggas dropout of school & get a job at McDonald’s talking bout ‘On My Grind’ Yeah, okay, GRIND me up a Oreo Mcflurry with yo dumbass,” the meme read.

Springfield City Manager Jim Bodenmiller notified Baugh that the post was insensitive and was the reason why he was terminated.

“The racially insensitive post that you shared in a public forum undermines the integrity and values of the city of Springfield and the fire/rescue division, and directly impact our ability to effectively serve the community,” Bodenmiller said.

Baugh was officially fired on March 9th and now should probably check to see if McDonald’s is hiring.

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