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New Yorkers Warned About Synthetic Marijuana Laced With Rat Poison — Causing Bleeding in Eyes and Noses!

Hospitals in New York are being alerted about a new form of synthetic marijuana mixed with rat poison. It is believed that the said substance is linked to some cases of uncontrolled bleeding.

The warning statement has been released on Monday even though there were no reports yet of the substance circulating in New York. It has been found, however, in five states including Illinois, Maryland, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Missouri.

A recommendation was also given to hospitals and clinics to be wary of people who are complaining of severe bleeding that is not related to any injury or if the bleeding happened after taking synthetic marijuana.

There are other several chemical compounds that are used to produce synthetic marijuana. It is made to copy the effects of marijuana but it usually has a dangerous and even life-threatening reaction to users.

source: blacknews

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