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Video: Blame game against Syria

Syria blame game 

The US is rallying support for a military attack on Syria after reports emerged of an alleged chemical attack in Douma. President Donald Trump has warned Syria and its ally, Russia, to expect action. But he doesn’t want to go at it alone. He wants consensus at the Security Council; and that’s something he can’t get because Russia says there is no proof that there even was a chemical attack. Moscow has warned Washington against attacking Syria, saying it will further worsen the situation.

War on Yemen 

Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah fighters have warned Saudi Arabia to expect more attacks on the kingdom’s soil. The warning comes after the fighters launched several missiles on Riyadh, the Saudi capital. Saudi Arabia, backed by its allies, has waged a devastating war on Yemen since 2015. Despite the fact that Saudi Arabia has drastically improved its military might, it has so far been unable to achieve its main goal. What they have accomplished is destroying the country, killing, maiming and displacing thousands of impoverished Yemenis.

source: press tv

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