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Georgia tennis team sports white hoods like KKK in ‘highly offensive’ photo

A high school tennis team in Georgia faced swift backlash for a picture that shows them sporting white hoods reminiscent of those worn by the KKK.

Members of the Telfair County Trojans team posed for the photo with white bags over their heads following their loss in a state tournament earlier this week, according to WMAZ. The team that defeated them reportedly had several black athletes competing.

The image was shared on Snapchat and later Facebook, where it caught the attention of Telfair County Superintendent Lenard Harrelson. He called it “highly offensive” and vowed to hold the students who participated accountable.

“We are in the process of finishing up an investigation and disciplining those students involved,” he told the news station.

He declined to comment on the nature of the punishments, nor when the photo was taken.

“I heard they were playing around, but you don’t play like that,” Telfair High sophomore Sheen Wooten, who is African-American, said, adding that she did not believe the students were racists.

“They’re really cool people. They never did anything to me that was racist.”

Source: nydaily

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